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I collect small things from happy times. A bottle cap, a napkin, a ticket stub. But by the time the year is over these things mean nothing to me for the people I made the memories with are lost somewhere in the chambers of my unwanted and discarded.

Hopeless Hopeful, Brave Coward, Villainous Hero

Everyone you've met was once a stranger.

A stranger doesn't know your flaws or your faults. A stranger doesn't know what you stand for or against. They can choose what they want to see in you.


She cut a hole in the fence and she ran...

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I was born in a state that matters and a city that doesn't. In the middle of four siblings who would soon grow up to be just as lost as I would. Five completely different lives and zero set futures. We used to be so close and yet as time went on none of us could fully understand the other. 

We all endured the same though somehow all situations were complexly unique. Our perceptions,

unshared and our memories skewed.

I was grateful to my mom for noticing my social downfalls and providing endless distractions

I love you like I love any stranger.

I would give my life in hopes yours is lived better than mine.

“All outward forms of religion are almost useless, and are the causes of endless strife. . . . Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest.” 
― Beatrix Potter, Merry Christmas, Peter Rabbit!

In hopes you're a better person than myself..

It's rare for people to even think about how people have affected them.

We are drawn most to what feels familliar. Maybe that's why I always bring myself chaos.Surround yourself with people who understand you and you'll learn nothing.

My favorite was Luzzy;

A stuffed rabbit.

                    Marble floors, endless toys, pink and purple walls made up my bedroom. Within the luxurious exteriors of our gorgeous two story home was a windowless and doorless asylum. Abandoned yet inhabited. Sheltering the same mother and children who felt trapped and vulnerable under it's roof. 

An acid trip stopped at my feet. The doors flew open and the driver stared at me with see-through, widened eyes and a smile so empty that my mind skipped stones through it. I boarded with little hesitation. Wherever this bus' destination was, it wasn't here. I thought about all the places I'd like to be... A home. Somewhere I could daydream the responsibilities of adulthood rather than possess them...a balance between warm urban culture and untouched nature.

The bus halted abruptly, shaking me from my visions and the doors mechanically burst as the bus driver yelled "Skid Row!". I wish I had known what this place represented...It was a place made of ended dreams. An environment filled with coyotes too afraid and weak to venture alone, looking for an innocent rabbit to prey on. They travel in packs up and down these streets, lingering near the hopefuls, expecting to feed off whatever sunlight they still have. How else could one survive in a place as cold and dark as this? 

These streets were painted by their blood...and as I stepped off the bus I was greeted by many...I was easy to blind because I wanted to be blinded. I was easy to use because I wanted to be useful.

I browsed the arches of your brows and walked the miles of your smiles.

Casual complexities like fractals meaning to distract and elude...a memory of a sun's bokeh is all that remains. The timeline shattered into a million stars and all of them deadly and fiery yet beautiful and blurry from afar.

Everyone has battles that are the hardest battles they've faced...Therefore everyone's battles weigh the same.

I swung open the front door and ran barefoot against the asphalt. I could hear them calling my name but no one's voice could make me care. My soles were made for this.  They didn't fight the ground beneath me as they skimmed it, each bound faster than the last. I never gave thought to the neighbors  who could see me. It didn't matter to me. I made it to the empty school yard and slipped underneath the chain locked by a padlock which held together the fenced gates. Once inside i made my way deeper into the ghost-town-like playground. My name still being called in the distance but by then I was gone; Passing time away in the kindergarten gardens and daydreaming about how I could live off of cherry tomatoes and fountain waters.


So much time went into your creation...if only the canvas was as beautiful quality as the paint.

I open my eyes each morning and I'm surrounded by a life that makes up dreams.

Everything I've asked for I've received or will receive.


Things will come and go and with your loss you will gain.  


Sometimes I wonder if it would even make a difference to anyone but myself...

I could be the blandest person in the world and the affection I gave would have been enough to fill anyone's hole of self pity. I could be careless and thoughtless and the less the better because the less I'd care. I peered through the store front windows, admiring the displays...They were detailed yet simple and they didn't pay any bother towards their purpose to be bought, treasured, used and discarded.

"I could be one of them."  

You could have just told me how you felt.








I built wall after wall after wall, a roof over my head and painted floors beneath my feet. I carved windows and peepholes and soon enough I had a fortress around me so vast and tranquil I felt I could hide in it forever.

Days were passed climbing up to the hidden crevices of the roof to peer down at the people scurrying a bustling street. I observed them contently and they observed my fortress. The serenity of my world evolved it into a mecca that caught the eyes of many who stood on their tippy toes to try to peer through the gateways wondering what was hidden within. Strangers became observers and observers became visitors yet none of them became my guests.

Break the illusion of weaknesses and setbacks.

Break the delusions of others being comparable to you.

You aren't here to live by their standards. You aren't here to do things their way.

"I am happy because I'm grateful. I choose to be grateful. That gratitude allows me to be happy." --Will Arnett

so many galaxies and yours collided with mine.